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I am no longer blogging under duress. This part remains true: I had a blog once and I lost the password...and then, I gave up. I really am not a giver-upper, but there is a point of diminishing returns to anything that takes energy, passion, and vision and yet, doesn't work out. So, off I go again, wish me luck! AND knock on wood I have had luck. And it is sort of fun.

P.S. Why this title? I read this phrase today 6/16, don't remember where. I liked it. I'm using it. I might change it. It may or may not have relationship to the content.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Before Labor Day and Beyond

A couple of things;
Thing 1
I got to go on a fabulous underground mine tour with some fabulous teachers. It took us a while to get there as I feel I got us lost, but thanks to the kind people at the information center before Hartsel (we were headed for Victor and Cripple Creek), and some lemonade from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, we made it just fine. (actually, we didn't stop for lemonade, it sounded good in the telling--that is called literacy license. I did, however, buy a bluebird pin from the nice people at the visitor's center)

The mine tour took us 1000 ft down and out guide was very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of hard rock mining. The most surprising thing to me was that burros lived their entire lives in the mine--from birth, working a lifetime, and finally, death without seeing the light of day. I marvel at the sacrifices of man and beast to mining.

Thing II
I've been reading this book, Teaching Digital Natives; Partnering for Real learning by Marc Prensky. I suppose I am behind the times as it has been out for a while and read by many. I am struck first by how closely his ideas resemble what Expeditionary Learning ought, in my opinion, to be, and at the very least we have the vehicle for promoting his idea of partnerships in real learning. I think often the "real" part is missing. That may be a function of elementary school and the headiness of some of the standards. I say we (REMS ELOB School) does some of this and we need to do more...with more intentionality than we have managed thus far.

I created a Wiki in the hopes that some collaboration around this idea of partnership pedagogy (so named by Prensky) might get off the ground. I don't know much about Wikis...read, I don't know anything about Wikis, but here is the URL if you want to leave a comment and/or give me some tips. Thanks for listening.

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  1. There was so much voice in this piece - your voice - that it made me smile. I loved how you took literary license and the tidbit about the burros was fascinating and a little sad.

    I can't wait to see more on your wiki. I agree that we can do more (even though the title of my last post was Under Pressure). We just need to do things a little differently. I struggle with this all the time. I look forward to learning from you about this.