Why This Blog? Why Now? Why This title?

I am no longer blogging under duress. This part remains true: I had a blog once and I lost the password...and then, I gave up. I really am not a giver-upper, but there is a point of diminishing returns to anything that takes energy, passion, and vision and yet, doesn't work out. So, off I go again, wish me luck! AND knock on wood I have had luck. And it is sort of fun.

P.S. Why this title? I read this phrase today 6/16, don't remember where. I liked it. I'm using it. I might change it. It may or may not have relationship to the content.

Thursday, June 16, 2011



Was fortunate enough today and yesterday to attend a seminar about what 21st Century Skills are, what they are not...not that anything is black and white...but there is a confusion about 21st Century Skills and the prevalence of technology without the "beef". Later I will write about what I learned. So now it is later and I want to write a bit about how the skills we talk about in relation to the 21st century ARE NOT  technology dependent. Skills (not even sure that is the right word) like creativity and innovation, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving are enhanced by technology, but not dependent upon. Maybe a litmus test is: if you take the tech out of your "activity" is it creative, innovative, or collaborative? What do you think? More later.

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  1. Hmm... What do I think? I think that you are right. If you actually read the 21st Century Skills there are not technology dependent. They are far more about thinking and collaborating - all good things that can sometimes be enhanced by technology.