Why This Blog? Why Now? Why This title?

I am no longer blogging under duress. This part remains true: I had a blog once and I lost the password...and then, I gave up. I really am not a giver-upper, but there is a point of diminishing returns to anything that takes energy, passion, and vision and yet, doesn't work out. So, off I go again, wish me luck! AND knock on wood I have had luck. And it is sort of fun.

P.S. Why this title? I read this phrase today 6/16, don't remember where. I liked it. I'm using it. I might change it. It may or may not have relationship to the content.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday Morning Warm Up--Teachers Write

So, I started participting in teachers write hosted by Kate Messner and other great people willing to guide.
My first task was to decide where to house my teachers write writing. And after deciding my blog was a good place, I began the "quest for the password, which, I believe, is some sort of a write of passage when one is trying to access something that has not been touched for a while. Finally ready to write about the Monday AM warm up...thanks to author Jo Knowles

A bit about my kitchen...
After experiencing life in a construction zone our kitchen was finally remodeled. My mother, or maybe it was my father, had a passion for things Native American. In this kitchen, by the backdoor, was a wooden sliding door that covered some sort of closet or pantry. It was a plain, hollow, wooden two panel sliding door, that said to my father, "paint me".

In my world my father was the best artist. He could draw a very compelling alligator, but his real "thing" was designing and constructing. The design and painting of this sliding door presented a challenge right up his alley. Black, glossy background (lots of coats to make it really shine), carefully cut stencil of a circle bisected by arrows and feathers, and painstaking work with little brushes created the most precise Native American symbol that ever graced anyone's kitchen! I believe this door was the only nod to Native American art in my otherwise eclectic kitchen, and although the painted door was in corner, away from the kitchen action, I can still see the design and smell the oil based glossy paint.


  1. Do your parents still live in the house? Your description would make me want to take the door off and keep it when the time came. :)

  2. Sadly, no, only memory remains

  3. Noreene,

    I can picture that door in my mind so clearly because of your description. The sensory details that you included really helped as well. I could just smell the oil paint as I read.